“Worship is the launching pad for life.”

Rosario Champagne Butterfield

At PMBC we believe that taking time each week to worship God is, indeed a foundational activity of – or launching pad for – a life well-lived. As a result, we warmly welcome all those who love Jesus or simply want to understand him (or his followers!) better to join us on Sunday mornings as we gather to (in the words of William Temple) “quicken the conscience by the holiness of God…feed the mind with the truth of God…purge the imagination by the beauty of God…open the heart to the love of God…devote the will to the purpose of God.”

To do all this well, we invite men and women of Christian faith who are willing to share their musical and technical gifts and abilities for the building up of this community of faith to speak to Pearl Miller or one of our pastors about participating on one of our music teams. They would be pleased to provide more details on what goes into being part of the music ministry at PMBC.

If you don’t consider yourself musically or technically gifted, you can still contribute to our Sunday gatherings! There is always a need for hospitable people to greet, usher, provide direction, and participate in other ways. Constructive comments or suggestions are also a great way to speak into our shared worship experience, and should be directed to the office.