Acts 1:8 NIV “…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
What is missions?
In a nutshell Missions is sharing the Love of Christ in real practical ways so that those who don’t know Christ may come into a saving relationship with Christ through repentance and life transformation. This may mean supporting missionaries around the world who are living among and teaching people in other countries about the Love of God. This also means being involved in Canada, Alberta, and Lethbridge in ministering to those who need love. Whether it is providing funding for a orphanage in South America, or backpacks full of school supplies for kids in Lethbridge that can’t afford them in Lethbridge, you will find many ways that you can be involved in spreading God’s Love.

NAB Missions:

We are a part of the larger focus of ministry through the North American Baptist conference as well as other organizations.
Chain of Love (orphanage) |www.chainoflove.org
Cal and Susanne Hohn – Cameroon | calandsusie.hohn@gmail.com
Relief: Baptist World Alliance Relief www.bwanet.org

ABA Missions:

We also partner with the Alberta Baptist Association in the ministries in the Province of Alberta.
General | www.nab.ca
Church Planting

Hands on Ways To Be Involved 

There are areas that anyone with a heart to reach out can become involved in practical hands on ways.
  • Serving in the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen www.interfaithfoodbank.ca
  •  White Cross – Assemble medical supplies and send them to aid countries in need.
  • Serving in the Breakfast program at Wilson Middle School (Not during COVID).
  • Serve as Camp Counselors (bursaries) at a camp for the summer.
Local and Area Ministries (volunteers are needed at some of these)
Each year we have a special Thanksgiving Project that we undertake through the generous giving of our people. Some of the past projects have been: building a house for orphans in Brazil; land purchase for a Church in Mexico and the land/building for a Bible School in Russia. We praise God for giving our people generous hearts for missions.

Other Missions/Organizations

These are other groups with which we work 
 -Evangelical Fellowship of Canada www.evangelfellowship.org
-Focus On The Family www.focusonthefamily.ca
-HFTN International – Romanian
– The Collectors
-IVCF Lethbridge
-Radio Bible Class – Our Daily Bread www.rbc.org
-UIM International – Mexico www.uim.org/woodring
-Operation Christmas Child Samaritan’s Purse –
Compassion Canada –